Panel Plant

We produce wood and steel walls and trusses with the ability to adapt to all building materials for framing and finished wall panels systems. From Three Bears Outpost in Healy, to the Hyatt House in Anchorage, let the value of wall panel construction assist with your project.

The Value of Wall Panel Construction

Our 15,000 square foot production facility in Birchwood has state-of-the-art equipment capable of producing interior and exterior wall panels to meet a wide variety of specifications. Using the latest “Mitek Sapphire Structure” software, our on-site designers can transform your existing plans into the highly detailed engineered drawings used by our skilled assembly specialists to construct your panels. Contractors are realizing the benefits of this construction process: labor savings, less material waste and faster project completion. Our facility can manufacture wall panels for a variety of building projects, from single-family homes to buildings.

Question About Wall Panels?

Benefits & Features of a Steel Truss

Spenard Builders Supply, Alaska's leading wood truss manufacturing company, has introduced an innovative steel truss component system for residential and commercial construction projects. On the jobsite, the high strength to weight ratio of steel trusses makes them easier to deliver, handle and install.

For the builder steel trusses provide solutions to material deterioration and shrinkage, drywall nail pops and fire code non-combustible materials requirements. Steel truss engineering, fabrication and delivery is another service contractors can count on from SBS.

  • Exceptional truss strength to weight ratios

  • 1-hour UL fire rating

  • Multiple chord and web options to assure design versatility

  • Labor-saving single-side fabrication technology

  • Sealed engineering drawings provided

Wall Panels Services are Available at the Following Locations: