Civil, Structural and Industrial Coatings

Polar Supply is the leader in Alaska for Civil, Structural and Industrial Coating products. We work closely with the Oil, Gas and Mining industries as well as heavy construction (highway, infrastructure, airports, marine terminals). We provide the right solutions in a timely manner and the use of our products will enhance productivity, reduce costs and help keep workers safe. Putting customer service first, Polar has consistently delivered for clients large and small. Our locations in Anchorage and Fairbanks, have products ranging from Structural, Geotechnical & Environmental, Corrosion Prevention to SWPPP. 

Structural Products

• Insulated Concrete Forms
• Concrete Forming Hardware
• Bonding Agents
• Sub-grade Water Proofing
• Bridge Deck Membrane
• High Performance structural and Non -Shrink Grouts
• Vapor Barrier
• Fire Stop

Industrial Coatings

• Marine and Protective Coatings
• Abrasives
• Pipeline Joint Treatment

Civil Products

• Geotextile
• Geomembrane Liners
• Dust Control
• Geogrid
• Erosion Control
• Ice Road Delineators
• Sub-Grade Insulation
• Erosion and Sediment Control
• Culvert and Drainage Solutions


Civil, Structural & Industrial Services are Available at the Following Locations: