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Plumbing, ventilation, fixtures, faucets, stoves and more for your home. Find the latest amenities to fit your lifestyle, keep it simple with classic fixtures, stay on trend with the latest in technology or go all out with radiant floor heating.

Toyotomi direct vent heating systems provide all the comfort and convenience of central heating in one small suitcase size unit at a fraction of the cost to purchase and operate. They are easy to install and require no chimney, ductwork, plumbing or electrical work. In most cases, these units can heat your entire home. They are also the perfect solution for those hard to heat rooms or areas—all too common in many homes. 

Metalbestos Model SS Chimneys are ideal for venting wood, gas, oil and coal-fired appliances. They are suitable for application in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Model SS Chimney Systems have a variety of components to meet installation requirements.

Richmond Water Heaters

  • Resistor design heating elements prolong anode rod and tank life
  • Extra-durable high-temp dip tube
  • Easy access thermostat adjustment
  • 6 year limited warranty on tank and parts
  • Gas or Electric models available

England’s Stove Works was started in 1976 by Bob England and his son Ron, literally in their own backyard. For 40 years, England’s Stove Works has delivered quality, reliable products to its customers, placing emphasis on affordability to “the working man and woman” and a user-friendly design that makes operation and maintenance as simple as possible.